D-1 Visa

Crewmen serving in good faith for normal operations aboard vessels may apply for the D-1 Visa. This classification includes musicians, stewards, technicians and chefs. You may temporarily remain in the US and may only partakin in your ‘crewmen’ duties while in the US Your vessel cannot be involved in fishing, and its home port must be in the US D-1 Visas may be issued for individuals or for an entire crew.


Application for the visa must be filed at the US consulate abroad. While applying for landing privileges, you should submit your application in person, offer all necessary documents, be photographed and fingerprinted, establish that you are admissable under all relevant immigration laws and prove that you are entitled to landing privileges in the US


During inspection, you will need to show copies of empoyer work records to the immigration officer. If there is a strike or lockout, you will need to prove the following:

  1. You have worked for your employer for at least one year longer than the beginning of the strike/lockout.
  2. During this one-year period, you have worked as a crewman for your employer at least once in three different months.
  3. You expect to continue working for your employer at this level.